February 22, 2024

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Definition of Business Excellence

Associate Systems Analyst – CSS Tec

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This position performs administration of business applications. Monitor, analyze, and assess supporting systems, business processes, reports, and data. Draft requirements and specifications based on business needs. Develop solutions in line with specifications. Assess and resolve issues in functionality, configuration, reporting, performance, capacity, and other system related issues. Reviews logs and vendor documentation for business application.

Maintain and Troubleshoot Business Applications

  • Administer and troubleshoot a portfolio of business applications
  • Draft requirements and specifications to address business needs.
  • Implement changes based on specifications
  • Execute and document testing procedures to support changes to business applications
  • Troubleshoot, monitor, alert, report on, and resolve errors within business applications
  • Support corrective efforts to prevent and correct security vulnerabilities within the business applications
  • Support projects to upgrade and enhance existing applications, using vendor support where needed.
  • Provide on-call 24/7 incident management support related to processing of the production environment, escalating issues where appropriate

Support the Application Roadmap, Project Schedule, & Annual Budget Processes

  • Participate in the development of a roadmap and lifecycle for the business application portfolio
  • Propose enhancements to the business application environment
  • Meet individual project goals, timelines, and tasks
  • Participates in budgetary process and adheres to approved budgets.

Assure Compliance with Policies and Practices

  • Ensure compliance with policies, guidelines, procedures, and regulations
  • Adheres to department and company policies, controls, and working practices
  • Considers policy, security, and risk management impact when performing assigned duties

Assures the Departments Risk is Managed and Minimized

  • Adheres to contractual obligations, licensing terms, manufacturer requirements, and best practices based on published authoritative guidance
  • Assure that proper records and documents are created, maintained, and recoverable
  • Participate in meetings with vendors & advisory services


  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related discipline from an accredited college or university. Experience in systems administration preferred, but not required.
  • Knowledgeable in Linux, Windows OS, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Database, SQL, and/or PL/SQL.

Experience (or equivalent education):

  • Drafting of functional, technical, or report specifications
  • Administration of a business application
  • Working with team members, executing complex initiatives
  • Compliance with policies and business requirements


  • Self-managing required tasks (prioritization, risk, workflow)
  • Independent learning and self-identification of knowledge gaps
  • Time and risk management/prioritization
  • Independent production
  • Research, problem solving & analysis
  • Verbal, written and interpersonal communication with management

Additional skills/knowledge:
The ability to manipulate a keyboard is necessary for on-line communications, measurement and maintenance of systems. Speaking, writing and reading are required for communications with other personnel; development of system documentation for standards, disaster recovery plan and special instructions; system measurement analysis and interpreting daily statistics. Visual acuity is required for analyzing system performance and monitoring daily statistics. Advanced thought processes and learning abilities required to permit the development of plans and courses of action from complex alternatives.


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