February 22, 2024

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LG CNS Unveils AI Business System Integrating Research and Execution

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(From right) Hyun Shin-gyun, CEO of LG CNS, Kim Kyung-il, in charge of AI business, Jin Yo-han, head of AI Center, Jang Min-yong, head of D&A business, and Lee Joo-yeol, senior researcher at AI Research Institute pose for a photo in the LG CNS AI Center Launching Ceremony. / Courtesy of LG CNS

LG CNS, a DX company, has established the AI Center, an organization specializing in enterprise AI, by integrating technology research, business discovery, and implementation organizations in the AI field. On January 18, LG CNS held the LG CNS AI DAY to launch the AI Center. 

With the AI Center, LG CNS will strengthen its generative AI service business. The AI Center brings together the Generative AI Business Unit, which focuses on discovering generative AI businesses with corporate customers; the AI Business Division, which conducts differentiated AI businesses including the Future Contact Center (FCC); and the AI Research Institute, which consists of four AI labs: Language, Vision, Data, and AI Engineering.

LG CNS is launching a business system that connects AI technology research to practical projects that transform the business of corporate customers. LG CNS is the only company in Korea that integrates AI-related technology research, business discovery, and execution into one organization. 

LG CNS provides enterprise customers with six major generative AI offerings: in-house knowledge-based answers, visual content generation, business support and automation, FCC, generative business intelligence (BI), and AI coding. 

The internal knowledge-based answer offerings include company and work regulation search services in the general office area and defect cause analysis services in the R&D area.

Visual content generation offerings include product design services in the product planning area. Generative BI means using generative AI to organize and analyze big data and help companies make decisions. In the future, LG CNS plans to discover and commercialize more diverse offerings.

Beginning this year, LG CNS will launch projects in various industries, including finance, manufacturing, distribution, and public sector, centered on six major generative AI offerings. 

LG CNS is developing a business document search service utilizing ChatGPT for Bank A in Korea, a search service to enhance product development for Manufacturer B in Korea, and an image generative AI service to improve product design efficiency for Manufacturer C in Korea, and is in discussions with a number of companies to apply generative AI.

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