February 22, 2024

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Walee takes over operational management of Snack Video Pakistan – Sponsored

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This takeover revolutionises the creator economy in the region.

WALEE, one of the largest creator economy players in MENAP has taken over the operating rights for the Snack Video platform in Pakistan. This takeover not only strengthens Walee’s position in digital content, live-streaming, AdTech, and gaming services but also revolutionises the creator economy in the region.

Muhammad Ahsan Tahir, Group CEO of Walee, shares his vision: “We’re embarking on a transformative journey. This takeover signifies a quantum leap in our capabilities, allowing us to bring unparalleled digital experiences to Pakistan. Our focus will be on leveraging Snack Video’s dynamic platform to introduce cutting-edge content, advanced AdTech solutions, and immersive gaming experiences. We are particularly excited about integrating Augmented Reality features, offering an unmatched branding experience to advertisers and brands in Pakistan.”

Owen (秦扬), Head of South Asia and Southeast Asia at Snack Video, comments on the partnership: “Recognising Walee’s influential position and trust within media touchpoints, especially among Gen Z and Alpha audiences, Snack Video is proud to partner with a company that embodies innovation and user empowerment. Walee’s commitment to democratising storytelling and supporting a wide spectrum of creators aligns perfectly with our vision for the future of digital content.”

Highlights of the takeover

Exclusive operational rights

Walee Technologies now exclusively operates Snack Video in Pakistan, encompassing content operation, commercialisation, live streaming revenue, and marketing rights.

Innovative features and updates

Walee is set to introduce AR features and provide the latest in digital content, AdTech, streaming technology, and user monetisation, ensuring the Pakistani audience remains at the forefront of digital advancements.

Enhanced branding and advertising solutions

With its unique data management platform, Walee will offer hyper-targeted advertising, unprecedented contextual marketing, and enhanced campaign monitoring, setting new standards in the advertising realm.

Commitment to the creator economy

As a pioneer in Pakistan’s creator economy, Walee’s investment will empower both digital and analogue creators, addressing challenges in the media supply chain and fostering inclusive growth.

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